Welcome to the First Capital Swim League website.

Our swim league is a winter league for swim clubs in York County, Pennsylvania.

Colonial Division:  Bobcat Swim Club, Dallastown Swim Club, Spring Grove Swim Club, & Trojan Aquatic Club

Patriot Division:  Dover Area Aquatic Club, Lion Aquatic Club, & Seahorse Swim Team


Results from meets on January 12th and the Dover Pentathlon (January 13th) have been posted to the "Meet Results" page.

The Top 20 has been updated as of January 13th.

Information for the Patriot Division and Colonial Division divisional meets is posted on the "Championship Info" page.

Information for the All-Star Championships is posted to the "Championship Info" page.

The 2018-19 FCSL swim meet schedule has been updated and you can find it below.

Championship Hosts for 2019:

Colonial Division:  Bobcat Swim Club (Northeastern High School)

Patriot Division:  Seahorse Swim Team (EH Markle Intermediate School)

All-Stars:  Spring Grove Swim Club (Spring Grove High School)

Team websites: